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Re: ACCENTS.PM clarification?

At 06:39 PM 9/10/98 EST, you wrote in reply to my note:

>The only distinction that ACCENTS draws is between a shifted and
>an unshifted V. I can't reasonably ask users to alter their KBD
>files, or the program nuts & bolts, so that scancodes and KBD
>files coordinate precisely. Nobody would bother with it.
>So that's the theory. If I bungled the practice, I'd like to fix it.
>You don't explain what exactly doesn't work for you when you use the Alt
>key with ACCENTS... Seems to work here with a variety of KBD files.

Ah. I was the bungler. I was trying ACCENTS out in XyWin, and the Alt key, of
course, doesn't work as it does in Xy4. I *knew* this, and knew from your
on the XyWWWeb page that routines might not always go right in XyWin. Mea
I have sinned. My only excuse is that I was overwhelmed by the bounties in
SMARTSET. Gosh, pa, I forgot . . . But shucks, my workaround works.

If you persist with these relentlessly clear, good-humored clarifications,
turn us all into expert XPLers. Welcome back.


Robert Hemeway