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Re: Lost expanded memory

Dear Robert

my laptop is a Thinkpad 770 running Windows 2000, with all the memory settings in the PIF file set
to auto except expanded memory which is set to 5120. If I command MEM after shelling out to DOS, I
have expanded memory available: 5242880 total, 1048576 free. (The 770 supports USB, but only has
one USB port and clearly the USB bios does not steal of the expanded memory space in this case.)

As far as XYWrite is concerned, the uk dictionary is the only one in the same directory as
editor.exe and it is called DICT.SPL. I do not load it in startup.int but it is there when I want
to check spelling in a file. In startup.int I set zx=1 at the beginning, and zx=0 at the end. I
also set om=31 within the startup file. (I have just tried ;*;ing out the two zx settings and I
find that I don't need the first, but if the zx=0 is not set at the end of startup.int I get the
"No enough memory ..." message.)


(Incidentally, for Jordan, you can put P-L on the right of the status line by changing the order of
the XM settings, though I cannot claim that excuse for mistaking the X for P-L, just a late night
and one more apparent problem with upgrading.)

I realise now why I hadn't noticed the X on the status bar before, incidentally. It is because I
wouldn't normally see it. It does not appear under normal circumstances on my laptop and my
previous desktop, which also gave me expanded memory, behaved in the same way.

What more do you need?

I too may have to resort to PCLEX instead of Microlytics. I prefer the interface for the latter,
and I have also found it more reliable with my irregular screenlength settings (I'm using 28 lines
at present).  I rarely have a need to switch. In fact the only other dictionary I use in the
French, and I have a version of XYWin set up with that loaded.