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Re: New copy and paste functions

Dear Robert

I did try to register AutoItx.dll, mistakenly as it happens because I actually had the later
version so my attempt failed. (I was following the instructions from your first post, and had
realised at that stage that the file was different.) I have just tried unregistering it anyway but
again it failed, so I don't think that it the problem. AutoItx3.dll was in c:\winnt\system32. I
typed cscript /? from the dos prompt and was provided with a list of command options.

>From my earlier post it is clear that your CLIP programs are working and the keyboard shortcuts I
set up invoke them.

Am I supposed to be replacing a frame in xywwweb.u2 v115? There was a new frame in one post, but
it is not mentioned in the installation instructions with CLIPW32.ZIP

I have just tried to set up the procedures in XY3, with exactly the same result as in XY4. Copying
produces CLIP.TXT, but pasting, either within XY3 or between XY3 and Windows achieves nothing.


On Thu, 6 Nov 2003 12:53:49 -0500, Robert Holmgren wrote:
<** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Thu, 6 Nov
<2003 13:31:22 GMT
<> AutoItX3.dll was registered, at least as far as regsrv32 was concerned.