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"But there's a difference about someone carefully and consciously
'trying' software and some sysops who seem to be omnivorous in their
software hunger, trying to get for "free" whatever they can however they

Agreed. Admittedly, by my (and I guess yours as well) willingness to
"sample" a pirated program I contribute to the delinquency of the Sysop
even though my intentions are good (What's that about "The road to
perdition...."?) and no matter how well I make my case, it's still an
illegitimate thing to do. My conscience is at peace, however, because
if I like a program I'll buy it and there will be others who'll be
sending off for it as well. All in all that software publisher will
benefit. Unfortunately, there's the other side of the coin and too many
people less upright about it. I know many software publishers who would
be glad to send their software out on a looksee basis (with a bill; send
payment or the program back). The ones that do have told me they rarely
get either back. That's a shame, actually, because the author is being
a good joe going that route and has invested in the disks, manual, and
freight (notwithstanding the programming, of course).

"The REAL reason I think most people should avoid pirate BBS's: Someone
who doesn't mind wholesale, blatant piracy sounds like the same person
(or a friend of the person) who would not mind 'trying out' a virus
'just to see if it can be done.' Immaturity like that I DON'T need."

Amen. Viruses have significantly curtailed my software downloading from
certain boards, particularly the ones run and/or populated by kids.