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Well, you can tell your husband to get literate. Shape up or ship out.
Get with the program. Come in for the big win. Inside every Gook
there's an American trying to get out. Or, if he's at least capable of
quitting Telix, you can have a batch file just for him, say, COM.BAT:

copy capture.log prn
del capture.log

or something to that effect (where CAPTURE.LOG is the name of the log
file that Telix makes and that line in the batch file merely prints the
log file; I got the impression from your original post that the info
he's capturing is going to a log file. If not, then you don't need that
part of the batch file.) So, he has a batch file to load and run Telix,
etc., and you load/run Telix on your own without it. Or maybe a HIS.BAT
and a HERS.BAT, ay?