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Re: New monitor/bad resolution

Andy Turnbull wrote:
As I said before I don't actually run xywrite in windows -- it's in a root directory, under windows, and that may make a difference.
No matter where on your hard disk Xy is located, if Windows is
running you are running it under Windows. Location makes no
difference, so long as Xy knows where its files are.
I usually run xy on a laptop, with lcd screen, and it works fine. My wife runs it on a desktop with lcd screen, and it still works fine. CRT? maybe -- but I don't think there would be any advantage.
The problem isn't running Xy on an LCD; it's getting the LCD
properly installed on the system. If you have problems in
Windows, they have to be solved before you even think of fixing
Xy. The advantage of a CRT here is simply that he probably cannot
get the proper resolution for the LCD on that archaic a system.
Patricia M. Godfrey