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Re: U2 and Vdos (was . . . .)

Dear Bill
I had a similar error. It was because I had copied the startup command JM 2.XyWebU2.intQ2 ;*; from the help file into my STARTUP.INT and both JM and Q2 were plain text and not embedded commands. Changing them to the correct embedded commands got rid of the problem. I hope that helps.

Best wishes


On 17/03/2015 01:27, Bill Troop wrote:
Paul, thanks, that solves the problem (I had load keyboard as my
first line) but introduces another anomaly: I get the message

File "(NONE)" not found

Carl, I subsequently deleted
JM 2.XyWebU2.intQ2 ;*;

and that doesn't affect the File "(NONE)" message - - is it

At any rate, I'm happy now, as I don't have to close the windows
XyWeb was introducing at startup.

At 12/03/2015 15:17, you wrote:

Paul's suggestion should work. Alternatively, if you have a line
like the following in STARTUP.INT:

JM 2.XyWebU2.intQ2 ;*;

just delete it. That XyWebU2.int routine needs work.

-- Carl Distefano cld@xxxxxxxx