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Re: U2 and Vdos (was . . . .)

Paul, thanks, that solves the problem (I had load keyboard as my
first line) but introduces another anomaly: I get the message

File "(NONE)" not found

Carl, I subsequently deleted
JM 2.XyWebU2.intQ2 ;*;

and that doesn't affect the File "(NONE)" message - - is it important?
At any rate, I'm happy now, as I don't have to close the windows XyWeb was introducing at startup.

At 12/03/2015 15:17, you wrote:

Paul's suggestion should work. Alternatively, if you have a line like
the following in STARTUP.INT:

JM 2.XyWebU2.intQ2 ;*;

just delete it. That XyWebU2.int routine needs work.

Carl Distefano