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Re: getting past login

Carl wrote:

Sure there's a speed difference. Xy3 is faster. But with modern
processor speeds, the difference, in my opinion, is insignificant,
and outweighed by the greater capabilities of Xy4: bigger files and
DeFined blocks, greatly improved memory management, expanded command
set, enhanced XPL, menus if you want them, extensibility via U2,
etc., etc., all with almost-complete backward compatibility with

These are definite plusses, but I am still using NB 3 (= XY 3 with a different twist). It took me
years to customize it to my liking (a DOS Word-like keyboard, a menu system rewritten from the
bottom up to suit my needs, some routines to replace native ones, e.g. saving and making file
backups, which was idiotic in the original release, online documentation of the keyboard, conversion
routines for HTML etc. selectable from the menus, special redlining implementation for adding and
deleting text portions). Porting all this to Xy4 is not easy. NB 3 menus are easier to program than
the Xy 3 or 4 variety. NB and Xy have subtle differences. In NB 3 everything is stable and works.
The engine is rock solid. Actually I have all I need, so the pressure to change is not there.

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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