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Re: Y2K bug in DATE?

When I tried Carl's suggested command in the startup.init file, it didn't > work As I said in my private reply to your private message, default DZ is only for XyWrite 4 and later. In Xy3 the default date format is invariable (I believe it's Mmmm d, yyy[y]), so it's necessary to add a date mask to the DA command every time: DA dd-mm-yyyy The final "y" in the year mask can be omitted; it still produces a 4-digit year. For speed, you can save the embedded command ≪DAdd-mm-yyy≫ (i.e., the *result* produced by the command) to a Save/Get key or assign the command via the KBD file: nn=BCd,a, ,d,d,-,m,m,-,y,y,y,XC,CH -- Carl Distefano cld@xxxxxxxx http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/