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To: xywrite@xxxxxxxx

UU-> Are any of you still using XyWrite 3? The presence of
XyWrite filters in

Hello Anne,
I wouldn't leave XyWrite 3 for the world. It's still the most
amazing word processor in the most compact space. Essentially,
though, I use it as a front end for either Ventura or Quark.

UU-> But my use of Windows is inexorably expanding. I've even considered loading
 -> it from !.bat. Troublefree as I find XyWrite 3 under Windows 3.1, having
 -> *one* Windows word processor would be convenient. XyWin? I'd have no choice
 -> but to deal with the v4 XPL changes (sigh). Can anyone who had a lot of XPL
 -> code let me know how you worked around the partial documentation?

Most of my X3 programs run on the Win X4 version, as long as
there aren't any help frames involved; however, I do find X4
awkward to use, and haven't decided whether to try to match my
X3 keyboard exactly or just treat it as another word processor.
It seems that the Win version has any number of annoying
differences that are hard to set, plus a lot of annoying
roundabouts for use. I find myself jumping between WP6, X3, and
X4, but most of my reliance is on X3.

 ? SLMR 2.1a ? Art + write + dtp = chet.gottfried@xxxxxxxx