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v3 XPL code in v4

Those tips were just a sneaky way to jump in. I'm really here because I'm
staaarved for exchange with other XyWrite users.

Are any of you still using XyWrite 3? The presence of XyWrite filters in
graphical apps is crucial to continued v3 use, but the single utility that
makes using it still viable for me is a software PostScript interpreter. Its
preview feature turns XyWrite 3 into a graphical word processor--or a PS front
end--your choice (must TYF first; mine's all XPL-automated).

I adapted a Windows drawing app's PS prolog as the XyWrite printer driver
FB>, so I can even write PS code directly into a file, or use PS code the
drawing app generated. Anyone else onto this? (I usually print to a bona fide
PS printer, bypassing software PS. But the primary purpose of software PS is to
interpret PS code for non-PS printers, using the interpreters' drivers for
them, so a PS printer is just icing.)

I already was using this system when TTG released v4, and I uninstalled v4 as
soon as I discovered undocumented XPL function changes. I have far too much v3
code for that to be acceptable. Also, I was reluctant to reconfigure
EMM386 to accommodate a lone expanded-memory app in a sea of extended-memory
programs. Thus the app that's central to my PC use turned seven in September.
I raised a silent toast to John Hild for putting this remarkable tool in our

But my use of Windows is inexorably expanding. I've even considered loading it
from !.bat. Troublefree as I find XyWrite 3 under Windows 3.1, having
*one* Windows word processor would be convenient. XyWin? I'd have no choice but
to deal with the v4 XPL changes (sigh). Can anyone who had a lot of XPL code
let me know how you worked around the partial documentation? 	--Annie