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Re: WSA and WCA

Dear Carl
I think I may be confusing the issue by confusing different routines. Let me try to be more precise.
My quest, as before, is to be able to save to and retrieve from a USB
drive that is not recognized by XY4 because it was not there when
VDosPlus was launched. I back up to two pen drives when I am writing so
I need to be able add and remove drives after XY4 has started. The
routine you wrote last year which I installed on a key in my keyboard
file is actually SAA. That still works perfectly with the pen drive
defined in the registry file. However I cannot retrieve the file from
the pen drive once it has been saved there.

I have tried CAA, that gives me 'file not found'.
I have tried WCA. However that calls a file I have not seen for several months and should not exist any more. It is in fact WINEDIT1.TMP. However even if I delete Winedit1.tmp it comes back when I WCA 'my file' again so there must be another temporary file that I cannot find. (Do you know where it is?)
I have tried DCA but that gives me "file not found
directory&nameofmyfile". LCA, the same.
No doubt this is a problem related to the unrecognised pen drive and I
know you solved it before. Perhaps you have an even more elegant
solution now?
Anyway, sorry to bother you with this but if you need an excuse for some
more coding, this might act as a stopgap until something meaty comes along.

Best wishes


On 16/02/2017 19:29, Carl Distefano wrote:

WCA is still in U2 (as is WSA), but I haven't maintained it recently and
incompatibilities with vDos(Plus) may have cropped up in the meantime.
If you are running XyWrite under vDos(Plus), I suggest that you use DCA
instead, as this CAlls the actual file (rather than a copy of the file
as with WCA); after editing, a simple SA command saves the file while
preserving the LFN. I revised these frames a week or so ago, so if you
plan to use them you should update to the latest U2. Come to think of
it, LCA should also work in vDos(Plus).

If you specifically need WCA, let me know and I'll look at it. I
probably should rewrite WCA, WSA et al. from scratch as I've learned a
thing or two from my recent work on DCA, DSA et al. In fac, it's past
time to consolidate WCA|DCA|LCA et al. into a single suite of frames
that works across the board. More coding to do -- hooray!