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Re: Broken XyWin

Well, I've gotten "Protection Violations" occasionally since initially
installing. Lately, however, they've been more frequent. As far as I can
recall, they always occur on initialization -- i.e. during processing of
XWSTART.INT. What I have tried to do, several times, is to put an  in
front of the various XWSTART.INT instruction lines, commencing from the very
top (load nothing) and moving down (load more & more) -- attempting to find the
culprit line. Unfortunately, when I do this, gradually introducing more and
more INIT code, XyWin starts working again, from top to bloody bottom. I can't
figure it out. Hasn't happened for 24 hours -- maybe its snow-related? I'm
trying different approaches. Sleeping a little later each morning, things like
that -- you never know. There was a func "MW mx" instruction in the middle of
XWSTART.INT which I moved yesterday to the very end of the file -- no "PV"s