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Re: Hallucination or possibility?

** Reply to note from Nathan Sivin  on Thu, 01
Feb 2001 09:28:03 -0500

> I take it that [XyShell] is a powerful set of
> enhancements that permit, as the name indicates, doing most of
> one's Windows chores from within XyWrite.


> That is not something I am eager to do, although I greatly admire
> the work that went into making it possible. One enhancement that
> I *think* is included in XYShell, however, interests me very
> much. That is the ability to use the Windows clipboard with XYDOS
> and XYWin.

It is included, and it works. Paste and copy, any size.

> Is there any possibility of a separate program or custom command
> set that would provide full access to the Windows clipboard?


> Of course I would prefer not to have the overhead of IBM REXX, but
> my present workaround for this purpose is so onerous...
> that installing the additional bulk would
> be worth while.

Minimally, you'd need to install:
 IBM Object Rexx for Windows
 XyShell files
They all work together. The "overhead" is -- what? A megabyte of
WinRexx files sitting in a directory? Who cares. (Are you quibbling
about the size of other Windows programs, like Acrobat or Windows
Explorer or RealAudio? Jeesh. They're almost all four times larger
than they need to be. RealAudio used to be 200K; my last download of
v8 "Full" was around 20+MB. That's the nature of the beast. It's
amazing to me, when you download Windows programs, how often they turn
out to be HUGE, and consisting of so much STUFF, file litter
everywhere.) If by "overhead" you mean "slowdown", Rexx doesn't and
won't. If you mean $49... well, it's regrettable, but you need to put
it in perspective. In terms of lost income from freeware development
time, for me anyway it's a few grains of sand.

Anyway... I'm not pushing this thing. Just saying it's available.

Re: Chinese and Japanese on NBWin, haven't they been talking about
this as a forthcoming facility? I know I've seen several msgs
touching on this.

Robert Holmgren