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Re: Hallucination or possibility?

I just want to make sure that I have not misunderstood the
discussion of XYShell. I take it that this is a powerful set of
enhancements that permit, as the name indicates, doing most of
one's Windows chores from within XyWrite.

That is not something I am eager to do, although I greatly admire
the work that went into making it possible. One enhancement that
I *think* is included in XYShell, however, interests me very
much. That is the ability to use the Windows clipboard with XYDOS
and XYWin. (To make a long story that I have already told
extremely short, on my system, with Win98SE and 256K RAM, running
XY in a Windows Window instead of full-screen does not make this

Is there any possibility of a separate program or custom command
set that would provide full access to the Windows clipboard? Of
course I would prefer not to have the overhead of IBM REXX, but
my present workaround for this purpose is so onerous (View the XY
file in QuickView Plus (12MB of disk space), select, copy to the
clipboard; View the Windows file, export the selected passage,
merge into the XY file) that installing the additional bulk would
be worth while.

As Dick Giering notes, NB offers an alternative workaround, but
that is an awful lot of overhead. If NB supported Chinese and
Japanese (which under Win98 and its successors *should* mean
supporting Unicode), I would switch to it in a minute. But my
attempts to encourage its developers in this direction have drawn
no response.

Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-6304
(215) 898-7454