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Russian Into Xy4

Recently I inquired about Cyrillic fonts for Xy4 and you referred me to
Bitstream. Well, I spoke with them today and was told they don't make any
non-Roman fonts. So I'm back to square one. I know I can write Russian with
Nota Bene (that's what I use now), but I much prefer the XyWrite environment
with its totally open, totally modifiable customization files. In fact, to
persist in the distinction between N.B. and Xy now that TG has gathered both
companies under a single umbrella strikes me as somewhat schizoid, a
dissipation of energy (yours) and good will (ours) that need to be focused and
conserved and fostered. In any event, N.B. or no, XyWrite should be able to do
it all; that's what we demanding users expect. Soooo.... any suggestions?