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Re: italics

I have a Lexmark 5700 and it works brilliantly under Xy4DOS
using the HPDJ500.PRN driver. I should say also that I use OS/2
and have the appropriate Lexmark driver installed. I believe
that the Xy4DOS driver bypasses the OS/2 spooler because I get
much faster results when I type "ty" in Xy4 than when I print
from an OS/2 app. I haven't tested the printer with XyWin.
Wasn't that the Xy version in question?

John Gordon

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998 10:31:20 -0500, N. Sivin wrote:

>I don't think Rafe's suggestion will work. XyDOS does not
>use the Windows printing facility. HPDJ500.PRN is a XyWrite
>driver, not a Windows driver. I will be delighted to hear
>that Lexmark has a XyWrite driver to give away, but I won't
>hold my breath. See my suggestions for dealing with the
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