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Utterly irrelevant to Xy or Win95 (was Re: A Win95 question)

Harry Binswanger objectivizes:

>Hey! I DO feel good and look good using my 133MHz Pentium system.

Mine's a 166; nyah! Oh, and today I decided that the two antediluvian ISA
cards in my Frankenstein's-monster 486 would always have an uneasy
interrelationship, so I caved in and bought a PnP replacement for the newer
one. But it was dirt cheap ($35) and it works. (I can't bear to replace
the old SCSI card, because its little red diode is so entrancing.) On the
way back to the station, I saw piles of Paradox 5.0 Professional (Japanese
version), list price circa $700, going for $8 a pop. (Cheapskates could
have the amateur [?] equivalent for $4.)

I'm not quite sure what the morals are here, but suspect they're: (i) if
the masses who upgrade enthusiastically are dupes, we can profit from the
cut prices of the earlier versions; (ii) if you avoid the stuff that has
teenagers (of all ages) salivating, it's all pretty cheap.
Peter Evans