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UTTERLY BRILLIANT (was Re: XP/Vbox/Win 8.1)

This is the most brilliant suggestion I have heard in years.

... maybe you should limit yourself to a smaller share, like C:\XY on the host. Otherwise you could end up messing up your entire host system, and eventually having to reinstall it. And another thing, for security reasons, limit XP net use to updating the guest, i.e. XP and installed programs. This goes for any legacy OS used for running legacy applications. Best regards, Kari Eveli LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland) lexitec@xxxxxxxx *** Lexitec Online *** Lexitec in English: http://www.lexitec.fi/english.html Home page in Finnish: http://www.lexitec.fi/ 3.12.2013 5:41, Bill Troop wrote:
I created the entire c: drive of the host as a Vbox share, and it was instantly recognized, etc. etc. (unlike on Win2K). I have mapped it to G: (I do the same thing on Win 7-64 using VirtualXP.)