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Abaton Laser

Have been working with the new Abaton (Everex) Laserscript LX which
includes full postscript emulation at $1995 list. The unit is made by
TEC, is light and compact. It uses separate parts, not a single
replaceable engine...but its not too hard to feed it supplies. The
problems are that the docs are poor, Everex support is a joke (only one
of the tech people knows anthing more than how to read out of the
manual and when you stump them you tend to get "inadvertently" hung up
on) and, unfortunately, the HP emulation is NOT accurate. I have been
getting random changes of fonts, orientation and other gliches. When
it works, it works beautifully, but don't expect standard HP II drivers
to work for anything more than the standard page output...so beware,
I'm very ambivalent, its a good bargain if you can get it to perform
for you...but that could be some chore. Any other owners out there to
share the experience?....