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Re: Buying new computer - what operating systems will work with Xywrite

--- peregrine@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I will try to find time soon to write out some
> simple instructions for how to do all this, and
> maybe we can post the zipped file and the
> instructions on the XyWwweb site, xywrite.com and
> elsewhere?

Good idea. I realize this is a mail list, and not
running on forum-type software, but it is now standard
on many an online forum that they have these things
called "Stickys." That is, message threads, FAQs, or
white papers addressing major topics that tend to come
up over and over again . . . to the consternation of
some, as has occasionally cropped up here. It is
quite understandable that there may be no great
enthusiasm for answering questions that have been
asked and answered before. The category Sticky never
goes away, is prominently displayed, easy to find (in
fact, it's hard to avoid) without having to do a fresh
search through tons of posts each time. As good as
XySearch is . . . .

I know it may not be implementable in this format on a
Mail List. The XyWWWeb site does have plenty of links
for category items, though the presentation is not
like what I'm referring to. It would be great if
there was some easier way -- on the List -- to point
to How To items like this, once created, whether they
resided at XyWWWeb, or XyWrite.Com, or wherever.