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re: Buying rights to Xy3 (was Xy Manuals Online)

Carter Campbell asked for comments:
> Some time ago, a fellow mailed me about a similar subject (this was back in
> the depths of time and I have lost the email message) suggesting that some
> of the list members get togther and purchase the rights to XyIII+ ...

I "buy" this idea. Count me in for up to $1,000. Even though I probably
wouldn't use it until it incorporated some Xy4 refinements. (I bought Xy4dos
*just* to be able to get rid of the ruler, but several other improvements
are hard-to-do-without when I must use Xy3+ on the office LAN--like not
having to end block defines for deletes and mode changes, and being able to
list the entire 2000-file directory of my DB [Xy3.56 says "not enough
  I keep buying upgrades to NotaBene for much the same reason--to help
ensure the technology's survival, even though I never use NB cuz I have yet
to finish customizing the keyboard.

> ...we might be able to get some people in India or Russia (I have
> contacts in both places) to code it cheaply,

As do I, in Russia, if yours wouldn't take on the job for some inexplicable
reason. But if we turned it over to GNU, a lot of the coding would be even

-Otis Port