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Re: Various virtual machines compared

I don't know what keys you are using for cursor movement but I have found that you cannot use any key combination for cursor movement in Tame. I always use Ctrl-Left Arrow to jump left one word. This has never worked properly in Tame but will work if you program the same movement to a singe key such as left-arrow on the number keypad. I never found a solution for this in spite of some exchanges with the developer.

Paul Breeze

On 26/01/2013 05:07, Jon P wrote:
My VirtualPC 2007 balked at Win 3.11 and DOS 6. Wouldn't run them. That might be my installation
error. But when I did get Windows 98 running under it, communication with Windows 7 was agonizingly
slow--something Ed Mendelson also complains about with his Wordperfect DOS workarounds. Whereas XP
Mode is instant.

I see why Harry wants Tame. It makes XY's display a lot more flexible with fonts, window sizes,
number of lines onscreen and other customizations we weren't expecting back in the DOS days.

I'm still having intermittent cursor arrow-key movement problems and am trying to figure out what
triggers them, but otherwise Tame under XP Mode runs smoothly for me.

Jon Pareles

From: "Kari Eveli" 
Subject: Re: Various virtual machines compared
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:38:21 +0200

This may be. But why try to "Tame" an unwilling Windows
version, when you could run DOS under a virtual machine
without any need for it? After all, DOS does not need to be
tamed. The DOS/Win 3.11 w/DOS boxes under VirtualPC works
(under XP 32-bit at least) without any taming and just as a
dedicated DOS/Win 3.11 machine would.