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 Msg#: 333                     Date: 26 Jan
95 12:34:00
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 Subj: Japan: English teachers meeting
The Information Superhighway -- A Guide for ESL Teachers
 DATE: Sunday, February 19, 1995
PRESENTERS: Ken Tidwell, Steve McGuire, Tim Newfields and Joseph
TIME: 2:00 to 4:00 PM
PLACE: GE Yokogawa Medical Systems Factory (4-7-127 Asahigaoka,
FEE: free for members, 1000 yen for non-members
INFO: Kevin Schoppenhorst, Tel: 0423-85-4821; Yumiko Kiguchi,
0427-92-2891; or Tina Tidwell, Tel: 0425-85-5360 (Tina would be
happy to send you a map showing you how to get to the site of the
lecture/ demonstration.)
 More and more language teachers are conducting research and
exchanging ideas via computer. This presentation will outline
the benefits of computer-mediate d communication and describe how
to connect to the information networks most relevant to language
teachers. If you would like to learn how to introduce your
students to new electronic penpals, navigate though some useful
databases , or partake in cybernetic "chats" with other teachers,
this presentation will be helpful. The presentations will be
geared towards those new to networking . Don't be left out of the
computer revolution. Teachers of West Tokyo, unite!
 Mac and PC demo computer systems will be available. If you
have a portable computer and/or modem feel welcome to bring it
 Ken Tidwell is a system analyst for GE.
Joseph Dias has set up electronic penpal relationships between
his students and students around the world.
Steve McGuire is the moderator of the NiftyServe English Teachers
Conference (ETIC) forum.
Tim Newfields is active in the JALT-CALL, E-JALT, and TESL-L
electronic forums

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