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Re: trouble (not as much as you seem to think, though)

** Reply to message from "Bud Tritschler"  on Tue, 4 Nov 2003
13:32:08 -0500

> My ancient pin printer died, and with it, apparently, my ability to print from
> any DOS based program. I can't find a printer, ink jet or otherwise, to run
> DOS.

You're running Windows? Got a USB port? The H-P 1000 LaserJet is about $149,
new (the bloody toner cartridges probably cost nearly as much!), and it accepts
PCL docs redirected ("captured", in M$lingo) from LPT ports to USB (all XyWrite
files are formatted with PCL, H-P's "Printer Control Language", and they're
looking to send their output to a Line Printer port, e.g. LPT1). Somebody else
mentioned the model 1000 recently... was it Paul Breeze?

Robert Holmgren