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Re: Query: Copying text into XyWrite from Word (Windows XP) and similar

Patrick Cox wrote:
I've been struggling with this problem since I switched from
Win 98 to XP on one machine. In some matters, XyWrite's
functionality has improved -- such as restoring the usefulness
of the mkdir command.

But copying from the Windows clipboard is a serious problem.
Unlike pasting in 98, the function appears to work one character
at a time and is painfully slow. I've tried selecting the quick copy
box in the windows dos program properties menu, but it makes
little if any difference.
I use the U2 routine, CLIPW. Works like a charm. Are you familiar with the
U2? Implementing this feature (CLIP) does take a tiny bit of work, but
there are instructions with the help file. And once you've got it, you
couldn't live w/o it. It also copies from Xy to the Windows clipboard for
pasting in any Win program.

See: www.xywwweb.com
It doesn't matter, by the way, if I'm copying from Word or
from another source. The problem seems to be that "paste"
functions differently.

Moreover, certain characters have odd effects. For example, any
incidence of a copied "at" sing, @, in the copied text will send the
cursor back up to the top of the current page, disordering pasted
text from that point forward.

I can, of course, save in .txt format using another editor,
such as notepad, and then open in XyWrite -- but it is really


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From: George Scithers 
Sent: Apr 28, 2005 3:19 PM
To: xywrite@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Query: Copying text into XyWrite from Word (Windows XP) and similar

I've had some success by importing a Word file into Ventura, and
then exporting a text file from or an .rtf file from Ventura.

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From: "William Warner" 
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 11:59 AM
Subject: Query: Copying text into XyWrite from Word (Windows XP)
and similar

> Is there a way to copy text created in a Word file into a
> XyWrite file? At
> the moment I have files in Word (Windows XP) which I created
> using
> voice-recognition software. I have my XyWrite 3.5 running in
> DOS. Most
> always when I try to copy Word material into XyWrite -- using
> copy and
> paste -- various bits of coding (e.g., for italics) "confuse"
> the recipient
> (the XyWrite file), and I end up with all the words but in a
> jumble, out of
> order, etc.
> Any solutions? I have tried saving Word files in all sorts of
> different
> formats without any luck to date.

Harry Binswanger