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Re: Query concerning Windows ME and Win2000

Sounds like a good move.

Do you get the operating system on a CD-ROM? If not, how do you restore the
OS if it becomes necessary? And does the CD-ROM load Win 98 into any
computer, or is it locked to the specific model of your Dell, the way Win
98 is on HP?

I forsee that I will eventually be running a virtual machine, with several
OSs running, and I want a copy of Win 98 that I can run in a window. I
found out that my OEM copy of Win 98 will not do that.


At 01:33 PM 12/4/00 -0800, Your Name wrote:
>Just bought a new Dell for the office. I told the sales rep I did not want
>ME or 2000, but wanted Win 98 ver.2. He agreed that was the way to go and
>the machine arrived last week with Win 98 installed. XyWrite for Windows and
>XY4 loaded normally and run fine.
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>Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 7:54 AM
>Subject: RE: Query concerning Windows ME and Win2000
>> I am finding that all the vendors (except Gateway 2000) of a new
>> 1.4 Gig machine I want to get so I can work out voice recognition
>> insist on selling Microsoft Windows ME or Windows 2000.
>> Has there been any discussion of how XyWrite will work in these
>> environments?
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