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Re: Guest Additions!


First issue a couple of Host + F commands when you are in your W2K VM (this to ensure that the Guest Additions Display driver is initialized), then go your W2K Desktop, open Context menu, Properties, Settings. Or from the Control Panel applet Display. This is what I meant by checking the display settings. Now you have more display resolutions than without the Guest Additions. One point about the Guest Additions: they are additional programs that are installed in W2K to work their magic within it, providing additional points of contact towards the host system (that are not present in plain-vanilla W2K). Their show normally in the W2K Add/Remove Programs. If you need to reinstall them, just remove them from there, and reinstall. The point is they are part of your W2K installation, and not of the Virtual Box manager.

About multiple displays. When using virtual machines, multiple displays are very helpful, as you can maximize a virtual machine to a display. Now you will have a dedicated display for the virtual machine. It is like having two machines open. And with Guest Additions, you can still easily move your cursor from one to the other, and start typing or whatever. This is even more important with VirtualPC 2007 DOS/Win 3.1 where you need to capture the cursor (mouse integration does not work). For running DOS and older Windows, the best results are achieved by using 4:3 ratio monitors (these are almost nonexistent as of now, but buying one of better refurbished units could be the thing to do, like Samsung 214T. I have a couple of these, and an HP LP2475W (24" 16:10 ratio), same screen height as the Samsungs.

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