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Re: Guest Additions!

Reply to note from Kari Eveli  Sun, 03 Aug 2014
10:45:58 +0300


> Now you have more display resolutions than without the Guest
> Additions. One point about the Guest Additions: they are
> additional programs that are installed in W2K to work their
> magic within it, providing additional points of contact towards
> the host system (that are not present in plain-vanilla W2K).
> Their show normally in the W2K Add/Remove Programs. If you need
> to reinstall them, just remove them from there, and reinstall.
> The point is they are part of your W2K installation, and not of
> the Virtual Box manager.

Many thanks for this very clear explanation. This is precisely the
point I missed when I first installed VBox. I didn't realize that
the Guest Additions had to be installed in the guest OS. I've upped
the resolution on the guest Desktop; it looks great now.

I take your point about multiple monitors. It's true that XyWrite
displays nicely on a monitor with a 4:3 aspect ratio (like my Sony).
Too bad they're getting ever harder to find. I'll give serious
thought to acquiring a refurbished one.

Carl Distefano