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Re: XYWWWeb.reg for NB

At 07:22 PM 3/7/2008, Robert Holmgren wrote:
*Some* -- many! -- Keys have reliable defaults out of the box.
Others need manual intervention. You gotta look REG over, and
see what looks right or wrong. If the Value is derived via
programming (like ""), then it is likely to be fine; but
if the Value is literal, like the Comspec Values or something
like "C:\NBWIN", then you gotta make SURE that's correct!
Thanks. It's was those "reliable defaults," which are very
convenient, that had me slightly confused. I do understand the rest
and have edited previous .reg files. I just didn't remember those
defaults from my last time looking at .reg.
 But it's foolish to look at NB's settings with XyWrite, or v.v.!
Think about it. Xy will report XyWrite defaults, NB will report
NB defaults; and the defaults are established, not by REG, but
by INT or DFL.
Again, since I don't work under the hood till I have to, I was just
thrown a bit. I was using XY to edit the .reg in \NBWIN and it took a
few minutes for me to realize the above.

Michael Norman