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Re: BX flatulence (was: 'BX dangers'

Bob Zimmerman asks with respect to TRANS.PGM, sent with a message
yesterday, which formats the program converts between, and whether it
would work with XY3.

It converts between a bunch of possibilities that would be of no
interest to most people. The choices as abbreviated are
A=ASCII; G=GML (the old IBM SCRIPT mainframe format; H=HTML (only common
formatting codes); N=NOTA BENE ; P=PC-WRITE; X=XYWRITE;

I frankly don't know if it works for XY3, which I probably haven't used
for 10 years (I used NB for some time before XY4 appeared). But since
it uses BX/Q2, I doubt it.

Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
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