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Re: ot- buying a new name brand pc with xp

> --- On Thu, 1/8/09, Manuel Castelao  wrote:
> > From: Manuel Castelao 
> > Subject: Re: ot- buying a new name brand pc with xp
> > To: xywrite@xxxxxxxx
> > Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 12:35 AM
> > My Omnikey/Plus keyboard is ending its life and the Avant
> > Stellar is
> > very expensive (I have to add shipping costs to Europe).
> > Any comment or experience related to this Unicomp keyboard (function keys
> > on the left)?
> > http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/122keyterkey.html
> > Manuel Castelao
> I've never seen this one before, Manuel. It doesn't look to be USB, unless I'm missing something ? If there *was* a USB version of the Avant / Omni (or good quality counterpart), I'd probably want to take a look at it.
> True, the Avant is expensive, but if you amortize the cost over a dozen years . . . .
> Jordan
	" http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/122keyterkey.html "

	It's an emulation of the high end IBM keyboard
	for special PC/5250 terminals.
	Another company making 5250 terminal keyboards in Utah,

	It's heavy (maybe 3 pounds/ 1.5 kg) made of metal plates
	and heavy plastics.

	There is no USB connector as this is from
	a previous era. However $2 to $5 Mini-Din-to-USB
	connectors (often Y-leads to include a mini-din
	mouse also, to one USB connector) abound and you
	can plug that in. Get a couple of DIN-USB connectors
	for any keyboard you treasure so that you can
	continue to use it on any PC/Mac with USB only
	... like my new Toshiba Laptop and Xywrite.

	I've bought stuff from Unicomp. They have the
	parts from the Lexington factory and build the
	keyboards to order.

	I like the Model M (see various fan websites) a lot
	and bought the Ontheball Plus Model M from Unicomp.

	Heavier than my laptop these days, and too clicky for
	some, the collapsing spring mechanism leads to a
	real travel stroke and my typing improves.	
	I hate the flat laptop keyboards and typing more
	than a half page, I'll plug in a real Model M to
	a Mini-Din to USB plug and use that, lifing the
	cursed laptop up off the table or desk to finger fly
	my texts.