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Re: AW: Xy on Mac revisited

David Auerbach wrote:
Virtual PC is irrelevant on the intel Macs. For them you can use Parallels.
So. to recap, people have successfully run Xy under Virtual PC, but
that only works with the older, non-Intel Macs. Bootcamp and Parallels
let you emulate or run DOS or Windows as a virtual opsys on
Intel-based Macs. BUT has anyone actually run Xy under either of them?
(Lisa's original question.) After all, several people tried other
Windows/DOS emulators (e.g., DOSBox), and couldn't get Xy working.
How about Linux? Has anyone gotten Xy running under a Win/DOS emulator
there? It is highly unlikely that Xy will run under Vista (screen
access is already an issue under XP, and even W2K on newer hardware,
and Eye-Candy screens are, as far as I can see, the big "upgrade" in
Vista). (By the bye, I have heard that more than 50 percent of the PCs
in corporate America cannot run ANY version of Vista, and 90-something
percent cannot run the top-level version. Dare one hope that M$ may
finally get its comeuppance, even if from corporate bean-counters?
When thieves fall out...)

Patricia M. Godfrey