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Quoting Avrom Fischer :

On September 23 Fred Weiner sadly reported that he had a recollection that the older Archive had been lost by the former server. I had a recollection that Robert was maintaining something on a server for Xylist. Is my recollection correct. If it is what is being maintained. My inquiry was prompted by trying to trace the start of the chain regarding the Death of the English Language. Where did it start?
Flash started it on Sept. 27, here: http://www.freelists.org/post/xywrite/Death-of-the-English-Language The archives, which are searchable, of the XyWrite list since it moved to freelists.org (in June 2009) are located here: http://www.freelists.org/archive/xywrite The archives of the list when it was hosted at UPenn-CCAT are no longer available (because the list server there is defunct). However, a comprehensive, searchable XyWrite message base, including the current archive, the UPenn archive and messages from earlier iterations of the XyWrite list are usually available at XySearch: http://www.holmgren.org/Xy/Search That facility is temporarily down, probably because Robert is away. I expect it'll be functional again in due course. -- Carl Distefano cld@xxxxxxxx