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Re: eof revisited, yet again

"I don't need an external utility, other than the DOS 'copy' command. [...]
[S]imply 'copy /a file1 file2 /b' does it." --Harry Binswanger

Harry: The ingenuity of your solution impresses me. Too bad the
external utility it requires--dos's copy command--also requires
parking xyWrite to use the system prompt. I hate having to do
that, e.g., to copy fonts or a tyf'd file to lpt1. I consider
having to use a batch file a defeat. I recently rewrote my own
zip-encode-xxbug/decode-unzip/expand .bat as xpl: one CMline
string of args zips/encodes/xxbugs or decodes/unzips or expands.
do'ing the strip.exe utility from xyW CMline with my
file-/session-closing xpl pgm (file displayed) takes four
keystrokes total (1. invoke 2. zap eof 3. invoke 4. abort). Could
take two if step 2 also aborted displayed file--can't call *me*
lazy. ...

Your crack about compound chars suggests that you didn't
understand my comment, but never mind. As you note, that's
Robert's department.  --A

========================== annie fisher  nyc