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Re: eof revisited, yet again

At 05:00 PM 12/8/95 -0500, you wrote:
>"How, for heaven's sake, do you save with no eof marker??!! That's just what
>I need to do when making HTML files!" --Harry Binswanger 
>Harry: As my pseudocode indicated, by running an external utility. You can
Aw, I thought it was just a switch inside Xy. I don't need an
external utility, other than the DOS "copy" command. I'm
currently using a .bat file that does it, but that's a pain.
Here's what I'm doing now:

zip -u html.zip *.htm copy /a *.htm *.ntm /b del *.htm ren *.ntm

The complexity is due to the fact that DOS (vs. good ol' CP/M)
doesn't let you copy a file to itself, so you have to rename the
files. I zip them up just in case something goes wrong, so I
haven't lost anything.
But simply "copy /a file1 file2 /b" does it. Don't need no

> As long as
>an eof is present, no xyWrite file is "pure ascii" if that's understood to
>mean ascii >31 and <128. ascii 26 is a control char and xyWrite has no
>built-in way to get rid of it.

Yeah, but why stop there? What about all the non-ASCII 3-byte codes and
5-byte codes (as dissected by his XyWriteness Robert Holmgren)?

Thanks, Annie:

  Harry Binswanger