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RE: La Machine Est Morte, Vive La Machine!--Addendum to last post

At 21/07/2014 16:50, you wrote:
>Oh, I forgot to say that I also use Eudora. In fact two of them

That's interesting. May I ask why and how you use two instances
[HB:] One is business, one is personal. To use, I just have two
directories. I used to reference the same Eudora.exe file for
both, But now, I use separate ones. Here are the two shortcut

Personal: Eudora7\Eudora.exe c:\Dropbox\eudora7\eudora7.ini
Business: "C:\TOF Eudora\Eudora.exe" c:\Dropbox\mailhbl\

It is where the .ini file is located that counts.

 Also, how many messages do you have open simultaneously?
[HB:] Often about 40.

Right now, Win 8 reports that Eudora is using 94MB of memory, and
I have seen higher. I am thinking that one of my problems is that
I leave too many messages and mailboxes open.
[HB:] 94 MB is not a lot, though it seems more than Eudora should
be requiring. Wait, I just opened about 50 files in my Eudroa7 and
TaskManager is reporting that it's using up 66 MB of RAM, so yours
is not that out of line. But even 100 M is only 5% of a 2GB