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RE: Can I get full screen in windows 7 32 bit

Reply to note from "Amara D. Angelica"  Sat, 28
May 2011 14:49:15 -0700

> Hi, I've been trying to find a xywrite version that works with
> Windows 7 (not answer on this list). Could you help me? I'm a
> total newbie.

You're probably running a 64-bit version of Win 7, in which case
you'll need to install a virtual DOS. If you are running Win 7
Professional or Ultimate (not Home), you can download Windows XP
Mode, a version of Windows XP that runs under Win 7. Otherwise,
you should look into DOSBox; in fact, you may want to check it out
in any case. If you have 32-bit Win 7, you don't need to do
anything; XyWrite will run under it.

Full disclosure: I have no direct experience with any of these
programs. I'm still running Win XP.

Carl Distefano