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Land Ho ?

Recently, Carl DiStefano wrote to me as follows:

"I'm surprised to hear that the HP2 doesn't support landscape! I print Speedo
fonts in landscape on a 2P. Does the (smaller) 2P do what the 2 can't?"

Which leads me back towards seeking a final, definitive answer to the question
'Can you (by some procedure as yet unknown to me) get Speedo landscape output
from an HP-LJ Series II with XY4DOS ?' Either for regular pages or for

I am using the HPLJ-4.PRN driver, because (as best I can recall) the HPLJ-2
driver triggers an error msg. re use of scalable fonts being illegal on this
printer. The HPLJ-4 driver *works*, at least for Speedo fonts in portrait
mode, provided the IM=1 default is set, which it is. Image Mode *must* be in
effect to use the Speedo fonts, or else _everything_ comes out as the default
10 pt. Courier.

So, either Carl is correct, or the reports that you can't Speedo in Landscape
on this printer are. (And if so, why?) Am I missing something? Which is it?