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V 4.016 Help Frames

Chris - I've zipped up the help file I use in III+ and the startup, mnu, set
and kbd files I've been working on since IV was introduced. I've included the
3+ hlp file so you'll see that in my present set-up I rely on $ calls from the
kbd file to run things coded mainly to type 1, 5, c, and f frames. I've tried
to port everything over to IV type 5 and K frames in the U2 file invoked by 0
or L frames in the mnu file. It would be awfully nice if I could just put a U2
statement at the top of my old help file and dump everything else. Oh well -
let me know what the new rules are and we'll see if we can make IV jump thru
the same hoops. Thanks.

*Enclosed File: tochris.zip