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 The VA$ commands will pull Signature Environment settings and not necessarily
DOS environment settings. You can still use the DO command, accompanied with
the switches /nv /x, to run DOS batch or utilities invisible to the user. The
syntax is as follows:

   BX (DO/nv/x Test.com)

You can, however, pass parameters to a DOS file in the same manner. Just keep
the same command as above, but, add your desired arguments:

   BX (DO/nv/x Test.com Arg1 Arg2)

The ≪SVnnnn,2,x≫ is the same command as ≪SVmmmm,x≫. The only difference is
that the first has a longer string value with the commas included and the
latter does not. So, ≪SV1841,1,3,4,5≫ will give S/G 1841 the value "1,3,4,5"
and ≪SV1841,5≫ will give S/G 1841 the value "5". Same command just different