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 The files you copy to your Ram disk are all dependant on how much of your
extended or expanded memory you pull down to create the drive. To maximize
speed in all areas you can move the following to a Ram Drive:
    PCLEXAM.* (Must be in the same Dir as Editor)
    Set default DR to Ram drive letter.

I have 1.4M of Extended all pulled down for a Ram drive and I can fit Sig.exe,
Startup.int, Pclexam.*, and Sig.mnu.

All of your III+ Values can be used in Signature. We have not taken anything
away, we have just added to the number of Values you can Check. $WS (Window
Status) is still present on its own in Signature.

If I understand your second question "2. ...mandatory Keyboard input.." the fix
is simple. There is a default EP (Error Prompts) which will determine what
prompts are displayed in certain situations (i.e. deleting a file). The
easiest way to disable these messages is to use the Menu items Advanced,
Preferences, Defaults, and select Command Prompts. That will list the Prompts
that will occur when trying to delete files, markers, etc.. .