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There are two scenarios. I first addressed the possibility that the W2K
printer was offsite. For example, I used to be able to print from my home in
Maine to a W2K compliant printer in Baltimore. That printer had an IP

Then I addressed the possibility that the W2K printer was local, i.e., next
to him or directly connected to a port on his computer.


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> > Just guessing, since I don't have access to an off-site computer, but
> > happens if you specify the IP address of the printer on the command
> >
> > TY filename, <--substitute real IP address, which you can
> > find in Win's printer applet.
> That's news to me. A _local_ printer has an IP address? Why? Where
> specifically in "Win's printer applet" (you mean, the object in Control
> are you finding this IP address -- and which "Win"?
> I poked around a bit, and I was able to put raw documents in the fax queue
> (using RAWPRINT.EXE, which you can get from M$ at
> http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q138594), and
> the device name FAX) the fax printer driver saw it queued up; but the Fax
> app does NOT see it, doesn't recognize that it's there. Which makes me
> that you have to launch and configure faxes via the fax wizard (or
> they call it) FAXSEND.EXE. But I don't have any fax configured (I don't
> have a modem, except for a rather slow one in my cell phone, nice for
> mail while travelling), so... can't be much help, sorry. What's obvious
> that some driver has to accept the raw text and turn it into a fax, a
> page. Maybe you should poke around and find a fax app that is less
> FaxWorks was great for this purpose -- it just worked every time, direct
> XyWrite -- you installed the FaxWorks printer driver on an LPT port, and
> was all there was to it -- print to the fax port, it automatically turned
> file into a 200dpi PCX image, and you saw a graphical preview of it before
> sending. Haven't used it in years, though.
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