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Re: Lance Ulanoff on XyWrite again

Flash wrote:
I'm willing to believe that he still uses Xy III, as he says--after all, we know of other editors who do--and I'm also willing to believe that he's not using HastaLaVista. But the Win 3.1 bit may be an April fool's joke.
One hopes so. I mean, Win 3.1 was NOT an opsys; it was a kludgy
GUI superimposed on the real opsys, which was DOS. FWIW, I can
see someone sticking with 98SE (I still have it on my desktop and
one of the office machines, and 98 initial release on 2 others).
True, Net USE doesn't work to map a USB port to an LPT one, but
neither (so far as I have been able to discover) does it in
Vista. And the security varies from lousy to nonexistent. On the
other hand, how many crackers are trying to crack 98? And FIND
works--as Search in W2K, XP, and Vista does NOT. And FIND/SEARCH
is on of the few things for which a GUI (if and when it works) is
really more efficient than a command line.
And of course if your stuck with Redmond Rubbish, at least pre-XP
you're not subject to insult-to-injury "Activation." Not to
mention WGA, which I was just forced to allow on the new office
box, because AVG needed a hotfix that needed "validation" which
requires WGA. Grr.

Patricia M. Godfrey