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Re: a few XyWrite kindergarten questions

Thanks, Tom. I've tried that but I am not exactly sure why the xwset.dfl is
needed to change the macros. In other words, what do I need to *change* in
the xwset.dfl file in order to permit macro editing?

Remember, I'm in kindergarten.


> You can't edit and save a dfl file that's been loaded and is in use. You
should do this:
> When you want to make changes to xyset.dfl, make a copy (like xyset.tmp)
and make changes to the copy.
> Check your changes by saving the tmp file and LOADing it (Load xyset.tmp
on the command line).
> When you're satisfied with the changes, copy xyset.tmp to xyset.dfl
(overwriting the contents, of course).
> Then load xyset.dfl and continue working.
> Good luck!
> Tim Baehr