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a few XyWrite kindergarten questions

1.    I am forced to use XyWin (as opposed to Xy3) in some situations.  When I attempt to edit some macros a message comes up saying "access denied" and that it cannot change the xyset.dfl file in order to make the change permanently.  I'm not sure what is causing this, because I have been able on other computers and in the same XyWin version to edit macros without trouble.
2.    How can I convert a file I do in XyWin to read with formatting intact in Xy3+ (or Xy4?).   eg.  the docs I do in XyWin with italic formats (md+it) will show as invisible font in Xy3.   It seems in Xy3 italics is "mdbr."   Also, "md+bo" (automatic bold command in XyWin) does not translate in Xy3, and I must remove all of the "+" signs in order for Xy3 to understand.   Can this be adjusted by changing the printer file? and if so, how, and which printer file in which program?
3.    Has anyone used PCAnywhere for DOS?  I have used this program for years.  I am now trying to get PC Anywhere 10.0 version (for windows 2000) to log into a remote DOS screen terminal to access Xy3 program.  I have been successful with this in the past, but it seems that this worked with Win98, and since I am now working in Win2000, I suspect this is the problem.
just a collection of questions to which I would be happy to have the answers...
Mimi Gauthier LeBien
(back on the list...but with a different e-mail address)