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Re: IF ERR on CHange

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Mon, 21 Dec 1998 16:02:51 -0600

> Quote
> [F5]ch /%25/%/[execute]> %25 to percent sign
> >Endquote

Send the real code, not a facsimile -- and send more of it. Why not attach the
whole program to a msg? I don't see this pop-up box that you were talking about,
in response to an error... Are you using ErrorHelp EH=1? What I would do is turn
off EH (=0) for the duration of the PM, and then you can manage the errors any way
you want.

Also: you have to DO SOMETHING in between the > and
the . That's just a null statement, as printed above. It doesn't do anything.
If you've got ErrorHelp turned on (EH=1), then I don't think that >
is going to prevent that box from popping up.

> in my book and in my
> experience in the past with the use of the IF
> Error command associated with the SE (search)
> function the command is >

Which book is that? It's usually stated as ER or ERROR; any substring of ERROR
will work, as long as it contains the first two significant characters; but it
doesn't make any difference what command (SE, CH, CD, etc) you're trying to
trap, ER is significant & always works.

Robert Holmgren