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Re: Interested in possibly buying XyWrite: a few questions.

Michael Edwards wrote:

>   Greetings to all. I've just joined the list, and this posting is partly a
> test to see if it works, and I'm doing it correctly.

Looks like!

>   I've joined because I am interested in possibly buying XyWrite, if I can
> find it available anywhere; and I would like to find out a few things about it.
> I use a very old word-processor called MultiMate Advantage,

Yikes! I remember that one.

>   I'm interested in XyWrite because I've heard it described as "the best
> word-processor in existence" - and you have to stop and take notice on the rare
> occasion a program is so described.

Quite so.

>   It seems the program is still available, although I've believed for a few
> years it wasn't, and regretted that I had apparently missed it. Are the DOS and
> Windows versions both still available? What version numbers in each are
> available?

Yes to both. Go to
for details.

>   How would I obtain the program?

See above.

> Would there be a suitable dealer nearby?:

See above.

> I'm in Victoria, Australia, close to Melbourne. Any idea about the prices of
> the two versions?


>   I prefer DOS programs on the whole, and find Windows confusing and
> unreliable, and I'm not all that fond of graphic interfaces, with their reliance
> on the mouse to do lots of things (I'm a touch typist and prefer using the
> keyboard for almost any functions at all).

Most of those who here in-dwell would doubtless agree.

>   Because of this I might prefer the DOS version

I'd bet the ranch on it.

> - but I want to find out a
> lot more about both versions before deciding. Are there certain things that one
> or other version can't do, or do as well? Are the user interfaces similar for
> both versions?

The Windows version is hideous. Forget about it. Buy Version 4.018 for Dos. If you
were fond of graphical interfaces I would have recommended Nota Bene, but you say
you aren't a Windows fan, so let's not go there.

>   Are file formats compatible between both versions?


>   What is the maximum document size?

Depends on the speed and RAM of your computer.

> Is there provision for "master
> documents" (a central document to which you can link subsidiary documents)?

I think that can be done. The list's wise persons may chime in here.

>   Would there be any way of reliably converting MultiMate files to XyWrite
> files?

I would think not.

> (I hope that's not too much like asking how to convert a horse and dray
> to a modern car with electronic fuel injection, on-board computers, and all the
> rest.)

It probably is. I don't think there are conversion filters for multimate any more.

>   I know so little about the program that I don't even know the proper
> questions to ask. But I would be glad to hear or read any information (not too
> technical) which help me decide whether the program would suit me or not.

I report, you decide.

>   Thank you.

You're welcome.

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