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Interested in possibly buying XyWrite: a few questions.

                         Michael Edwards.

   Greetings to all. I've just joined the list, and this posting is partly a
test to see if it works, and I'm doing it correctly.
   I've joined because I am interested in possibly buying XyWrite, if I can
find it available anywhere; and I would like to find out a few things about it.
I use a very old word-processor called MultiMate Advantage, and know it very
well, but find it a bit limited in various ways - and it can also crash if you
do certain things, so I don't really regard it as reliable. (Repaginating a
document is literally *asking* for trouble - you have to do it manually, page by
page, to be safe.)
   I'm interested in XyWrite because I've heard it described as "the best
word-processor in existence" - and you have to stop and take notice on the rare
occasion a program is so described.
   I don't know what level of questions are appropriate for this list, and I
apologize if I am boring anyone with what they see as very elementary questions.
But if anyone can answer a few questions for me, I would be very grateful.

   It seems the program is still available, although I've believed for a few
years it wasn't, and regretted that I had apparently missed it. Are the DOS and
Windows versions both still available? What version numbers in each are
   How would I obtain the program? Would there be a suitable dealer nearby?:
I'm in Victoria, Australia, close to Melbourne. Any idea about the prices of
the two versions?
   I prefer DOS programs on the whole, and find Windows confusing and
unreliable, and I'm not all that fond of graphic interfaces, with their reliance
on the mouse to do lots of things (I'm a touch typist and prefer using the
keyboard for almost any functions at all).
   Because of this I might prefer the DOS version - but I want to find out a
lot more about both versions before deciding. Are there certain things that one
or other version can't do, or do as well? Are the user interfaces similar for
both versions?
   Are file formats compatible between both versions?
   What is the maximum document size? Is there provision for "master
documents" (a central document to which you can link subsidiary documents)?
   Would there be any way of reliably converting MultiMate files to XyWrite
files? (I hope that's not too much like asking how to convert a horse and dray
to a modern car with electronic fuel injection, on-board computers, and all the

   I know so little about the program that I don't even know the proper
questions to ask. But I would be glad to hear or read any information (not too
technical) which help me decide whether the program would suit me or not.
   Thank you.

             Michael Edwards.